Meet our CD4 Congressional Candidates

May Lor Xiong

"My family were among the Hmong people that fled the communist rule in Laos during the Vietnam War. After seeking refuge in the Ban Vinai refugee camp in Thailand, we emigrated to America in 1987 to a better life. We did not know what would happen to us, and we were terrified of what the future may hold. We learned about the American Dream and pursued it passionately. While I am proud of my Hmong heritage, I am equally proud to be an American.
Our American Dreams are under attack by the Left. In the name of “equity”, they have diminished American values and destroyed businesses. It breaks my heart to see those dreams disappear in front of me. While not perfect, America is the best! We have come a long way in achieving opportunities for all. Everyone has the right and the chance to pursue their American Dream, whatever that dream might be.
I decided to run for Congress as a Republican to protect the dreams of each and every American."