Election Integrity

Let’s win in 2022 by fighting for Election Integrity!

Face it, during the 2020 election, our opponents did an end run around the Legislature to take advantage of every election loophole possible due to the COVID lockdown.

CD4 MN Republicans are fighting back by focusing on where we can have the largest impact. The CD4 Election Integrity team is working hard to recruit more Republican election judges in every precinct of the district.

Who are election judges?

Election Judges are employees of counties and cities that administer elections:
Help enforce election law by guaranteeing that the rights of legal voters are protected on election day.
Are responsible for the administration of election procedures in voting locations such as: opening and closing the polls, registering voters, distributing ballots, etc.

How do I make a difference?

Get on board and sign up to be an election judge – and ask your Republican family, neighbors, co-workers, and friends to step up too!
Step one - Go to the MNGOP Election Integrity page to get on the list: https://www.mngop.org/election... 
Step two - Apply to your city or County to be paid to work as an election judge.

For specific information on being an election judge where you live: 

Get on board and

sign up to be

an election judge!

Become an Election Judge