Why are caucuses important?

Why are caucuses important?

We all have heard the word caucus, but why should we care and most importantly why should we attend?

A precinct caucus is an event held in even-numbered years, where individuals who live within a certain area, or precinct, and all support a particular party, get together to decide the direction of that party. This is the start of the political process, and you will select the candidates that the party puts forth in the next election. You will have the chance to bring forth issues important to you that you would like to see the party address.  Each precinct will elect a precinct chair and will nominate delegates (and alternates) to represent them at higher party levels. Attending a precinct caucus is a way for you to be active in the party of your choice and to make sure the party is run the way you want. You will have a voice both in what issues are raised and also in selecting the people that run the party.

What do I do when I show up?
When you show up, you’ll be asked to sign in. By signing in, you state your general intent to support that party in the upcoming election and that you agree with the principles set forth by that party. From this point you can be as active a participant as you want.

You will be electing delegates and alternates. If you want to represent your precincts at higher levels, you can sign up to be a delegate
(self nominate) and your fellow precinct members may select you as such.  You will then be their voice at higher levels. It's the delegates nominate and endorse State House and Senate candidates and their local or CD party chair.

If you want to bring forth a particular issue, bring that up when your precinct meets. If you are not elected as a delegate, your delegates can then bring this issue up later on in the political process.

You will be electing the precincts chairs*, these important individuals will represent your precinct in the BPOU committee and vote the day-to-day activities of the BPOU.   
*Precinct Chair
*Deputy Chair
*Treasurer and Co-Chairs may also be elected.

To find your caucus go to Voter Information Portal (state.mn.us) The caucus location for your precinct will be available at least 20 days before the caucus date.

Caucus Documentation is located here. If you are a caucus convener, please download and print prior to caucus.
CD4 BPOU Caucus Locations
BPOU Location Address 1 City State Zip Convener
38 Centennial Middle School 399 Elm St Lino Lakes MN 55014 Craig Johnson
39A Forest Lake HS 6101 Scandia Trail No Forest Lake MN 55025 Kathy Smith
39B Stillwater HS 5701 Stillwater Blvd N Oak Park Heights MN 55082 Bill Vogal
41A Columbia Heights Highschool 1400 49th Ave NE Columbia Heights MN 55421 Adam
41B (Same as above)
42A Moundsview High School 1900 Lake Valentine Rd Mounds View MN 55112 Joyce Thompson
42B Vadnais Heights Elementary 3645 Centerville Rd Vadnais Heights MN 55127 Michelle Manke
43A White Bear HS - South Campus 3551 McKnight Rd N White Bear Lake MN 55110 Barbra Smith
43B (Same as above)
53A East Ridge Highschool 4200 Pioneer Dr Woodbury MN 55128 Jeramy Olson
53B (Same as above)
54 Hastings Highschool (Nininiger Twp, Denmark Twp and all of Hastings) 200 General Sieben Dr Hastings MN 55033 Jacob Grundhauser
54 Oltman Middle School (All other precincts in 54) 6625 Goodview Ave S Cottage Grove MN 55016 Jacob Grundhauser
64A Ramsey Middle School 1700 Summit Ave St. Paul MN 55105 Leslie Rosedahl
64B (Same as above)
65A Benjamin E Mays International Magnet School 560 Concordia Ave St Paul MN 55103 Andrew Wagner
65B (Same as above)
66A Roseville Area Middle School 15 County Road B2 East Little Canada MN 55117 Tom Jensen
66B Johnson High School 1349 Arcade St St Paul MN 55106 Tom Polochek
67A Hazel Park Academy 1140 White Bear Ave No St. Paul MN 55106 Nathan Raddatz
67B (Same as above)